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Who is it for?:

  • Military

  • Veterans

  • Law Enforcement

  • First Responders


Locations: The Sparta Project is currently offering transportation, room and board, as well as group therapy sessions at campground/retreat center.


Summary: Our providers use The Sparta methodology that we deliver to a small group offering the option to participate in multiple team building programs and services to aid in the treatment of PTS(D). 


Treatment of: PTS(D), Moral Injury, Shame, Guilt, Spiritual Injury and the underlying causes of self-medication and self-destructive behaviors. Since the dawn of civilization, warriors have always had ritual and culture to detoxify from war. SPARTA provides a spiritual approach in the absence of such rituals.


PART 1: By creating an emotionally and physically safe environment for five days, warriors - in community with other warriors - begin to explore their personal experiences in previously unexamined ways.


PART 2: Using meditation and other contemplative mindful activities, SPARTA starts to transition the warrior into a new and healing community of other warriors.


PART 3: SPARTA employs the use of adventure to stimulate the warriors' re-engagement into the adventure of life. Often warriors feel a lack of excitement in their civilian life. SPARTA can offer the facilitation of activities such as  the ropes course in a proprietary and unique way to help warriors experience exhilaration within a safe environment. Each adventure activity is designed to have maximum impact in creating trust and help-seeking behavior among the peer-support group that is well into its formation.


PART 4: SPARTA organizes and can coordinate programs such as equine assisted counseling to encourage introspection and healthy boundaries. Horses are immune to our desire to selectively transmit communication via body language. Horses are prey animals. As a result, their lives are dependent upon reading other animals in their environment. It is unnatural for a predator (human) and prey (horse) to coexist. By careful participation in group and individual activities, SPARTA utilizes the horse's spontaneous reactions as a method of teaching the warrior about their internal emotional environment and thus, redirect behaviors that were previously unexamined.


PART 5: Finally, SPARTA uses the age-old practice of story, myth, ritual and personal narratives to create new ideas and practices that detoxify the warrior of moral injury and invite them into the sacred space that we believe is essential for the transformation to an amazing life truly worth living now!

To get more information on having Sparta operate a 5 day program at your facility please contact:

 Tawny Biggs at 661-309-5408

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