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Veterans Day, November 11, 2016 

Registration & Information




Q. Will my restaurant location be listed on this site, on SPARTA social media and in SPARTA press after it is approved for participation? 

A. Yes 

Q. I can't attend, can I just donate?


Q. Will my restaurant have access to promotional event signage, placemats, banners, trifold brochures, hats, t-shirts, challenge coins and or other marketing materials?

A. Yes 

Q. Can I use The SPARTA Projects' information, website, PSA, brochures and other information to promote the event at my restaurant?

A. Yes 

Q. How are donations calculated? 

A. Restaurant partners provide a percentage of gross revenues as a donation to The SPARTA Project™. The donation can be any percentage from 1% to 100%, you decide, we are grateful for any and all support. 


Q. Can my restaurant participate for the entire month of November and or for the week of Veterans Day?

A. Yes


Q. Will I receive a donation receipt for my donation be made to a 501c3 non-profit organization?

A. Yes, The SPARTA Project™, an IRS certified 501c3 non-profit, Tax ID 81-0746887, will send a donation receipt. 


Q. Will my restaurant be recognized for participation and for its donation?

A. Yes, The SPARTA Project™ will post a detailed list of participating restaurant partners and on social media and in its post-event press release. 


Q. What is The SPARTA Project™ Veterans Honor Table?

A. Each restaurant sets a table in honor of a Veteran. The table setting includes; 

  • An American Flag, and

  • A SPARTA Challenge Coin

The coin is given to Warriors who have answered the call, overcome the wounds of war. 


Q. How can I register my restaurant to participate in the DINE WITH US HONOR THEM™ EVENT? 

A. Please complete and send the form below: 

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