Jason R. Miller is a Retired United States Air Force Veteran serving in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He responded to New York City at Ground Zero the evening of September 11th and nine days later he was deployed with 355th Expeditionary Squadron to begin the fight in the Global War on Terrorism. This was the first of four combat tours in which he served over the next seven years within both Afghanistan and Iraq.


In 2001, Jason was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal while assigned to work alongside SEAL Team 3 leading up to the first attacks that took place on 7 OCT 2001. During his 2008 deployment in Baghdad, Iraq, Jason was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal for his Act of Courage while engaged in battle by the enemy in route from Baghdad International Airport to the US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone. Today, Jason resides in Bethlehem, PA and spends his time volunteering with Veteran Organizations which provides him with a sense of purpose and a way for him to continue to “Pay it Forward.”

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