Kiran (Raj) RajBhandary, PRESIDENT, V12 STUDIOS LLC

Kiran RajBhandary (Raj) is President of V12 Studios Ltd., a Scottsdale based consultancy providing strategic marketing, branding, and design solutions to businesses in a spectrum of markets worldwide. A Gold Star Family Member, RajBhandary has created companies, memorable brands, and communications for a diverse Fortune 500 clientele, including Apple, Boeing, DirecTV, Disney, Ford, FOX Sports, Gary Sinise Foundation, Harley-Davidson, NASCAR, Time-Warner, and Universal Studios. His work resides in the Library of Congress, the collections of numerous museums, and he has been recognized with awards worldwide.


Chad grew up in Buffalo MN with a Marine father and Army Veteran Mother, following in his fathers footsteps Chad left for the Marine Corps two days after he graduated, he served two combat deployments in Iraq as an Infantry Marine.  Upon completion of his service in the MarinesChad had been pursuing a career in the field of Diesel Mechanics and has been raising a son who is now 4 Four years old.  Chad is an Alumni of a cohort himself, after the completion of his cohort Chad has been shepherding cohorts and pursuing a Dual Bachelors of Social Work and Bachelors of Outdoor Education/Leadership, he is pursuing these degrees in hopes of exposing veterans to the outdoors and “Losing himself in the Service of others”.  Chad has also been exposing groups to The Sparta Project In hopes of helping as many individuals as possible and will be setting out on a Individual Kayaking trip around Lake Superior in the Spring/Summer of 2017.


Inspired by human resiliency, Michele has over 15 years experience in the social services sector where she founded and administered inner-city youth development programs as a nonprofit CEO. She has written and administered Congressional Appropriation and Federal Department of Labor grants, State Department of Parks and Recreation and State Health and Human Services grants, city and county grants, and numerous foundation grants to implement programs to benefit inner-city youth, women’s health initiatives and veterans.

Michele is also experienced in public event production, political campaigns, and the technology landscape where she is the founder of eleveight, a HIPAA compliant, case management, communications platform and app that confidentially networks students, entry-level job seekers, veterans and emergency first responders in a secure community that fits their needs.

Michele is a member of the Lincoln Federation, a technology and policy advocacy organization, and business development accelerators such as the Bixel Exchange and Common. She is also a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, where she studied the arts and film.